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5 responses to “GuestBook

  1. Gonzalo Navajas

    Juan was an extraordinary human being, intellectual, colleague, and friend. We worked together in many projects at UCI and other places and he was always a magnificent and generous collaborator and partner. His contributions to the book presentations and discussions in the Department and the university were always insightful and illuminating. I was constantly impressed by his lucidity and brilliance. He was a superb colleague, always ready to help and contribute his enormous experience. Thank you, thank you. Juan, dear friend, you are always with us and you will always be remembered with love and kindness. Un gran abrazo. Gonzalo

  2. I am not a literary scholar, and my only Latin connection comes from having been born to American parents who were living in Panama. I knew Juan through my association with his wife Mary Ann, who has been a long-time friend and colleague. My heart aches for his passing, not only because of the void it left in his friends and loved ones, but also because of his stature as a writer and scholar, and because he was so passionate about his pursuits and willing to share his gifts. Dios bendiga su memoria. Chuck

  3. rose marie roybal

    I know Juan from the early 70’s when we met briefly as he came to be affiliated with La Luz Magazine in Denver. I have not forgotten him. Who could? I was so excited to have located him through the Internet only to learn of your sad loss. He is and was all the praises directed to him.
    I, too, am saddened to learn of the great loss we all suffer. Condolences to the entire family.
    Rose Marie Roybal
    Whittier, CA

  4. It has actually been one of the best articles i have checked out. It was very informative.Looking ahead for more blogs of this particular in near coming future

  5. K. Tak

    I was a student on his for a very short time in the Fall of 1980. He was, of course, a wonderful teacher. One story he told that I still think of with a smile is of his editing his future wife’s letters — this was how seriously he took the act of writing. Among the other things I remember, and that which I have treasured across all these decades is his gift of Borges in his making us, freshmen, read Pierre Menard. I was going to be an English major with German as my other language, and it would have been some time, if ever that I would have seen Borges in a class. But thanks to Juan Bruce-Novoa, Borges was there to shape my thinking from that time on.
    One other memory I carry is of him pushing a stroller, wife beside him I think near the Porter Gate. He is smiling, the future in it multiplicity of opportunity spread before him, family close around. He waves.

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